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Our company pursues quality first, customer-focused service, quality first, service first, credit first for the purpose of
Service Promise:
Quality first, service first, credit first, we sincerely cooperate with customers and establish strategic partnerships.
Sincerely cooperate with customers and establish strategic partnerships with the times together, dedicated to provide users with products and services.
Order a suitable automatic feeding equipment, the key?
Here are the details we need to know:
1, you want to send details of the work piece (preferably in-kind), including:
(1) pass rate of the workpiece (2) whether the scratch coating solution (3) whether there is debris (4) weight and material
2, please provide the size limit, directional orientation and the technical requirements for the next process data. Feeding speed Degrees higher than the average rate of 20%, if the speed requirements are too high. Costs will increase.
3, fragile parts, please provide testing materials, we will provide you with operating and environmental conditions Space constraints make free simulation.
4 What is the maximum level of noise?
5, feeder Sheng feeding quantity and period? How much?
6, rotation direction is clockwise or counterclockwise.
7, power supply and gas supply situation, continuous working hours.
8, exterior, color, paint.
Please send details and your requirements stated below. So that we can better serve you. After we receive the order, began to design and manufacture for you, after the completion of acceptance by you, we will simulate the test.
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