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The reason why the vibration disk chassis does not work may be

Some customers may encounter the phenomenon that the chassis does not vibrate during the use of the vibrating plate, or the vibrating plate may not vibrate. These phenomena may be caused by the following reasons.
Low supply voltage
Connection break between the vibration plate and the controller
Controller fuse blown
Coil blown
Coil and skeleton clearance is too small or too large
There are parts stuck between the coil and the skeleton
The vibrating plate is against the hard object, and the top plate or chassis touches other devices.
Vibration plate vibration is weak or too slow, feeding sporadically or irregularly, probably due to:
Spring break
The bottom plate is too thin
The mounting table is defective and lacks hardness. If suspended from the surface of the equipment, the vibration will be too weak, the thickness of the table should be at least 1-1/2", so that it will not absorb vibration, the cylindrical legs must be equipped with triangular support.
Countertop is not level
There is something in the dish
Coil air gap should be as small as possible
The machine is too fast to cause the part to slip off the vibrating plate.
Grid fluctuation
The controller needs to be re-adjusted to accommodate grid fluctuations.
Parts problem: tolerance, bending, oil, etc.
The fastening screw of the disc and the vibration disc base is not tight or the position is incorrect.
Too many parts
Improper adjustment of the chassis
Material changes, the disk should be re-trimmed and the chassis re-adjusted
In the case of air blowing, there may be some problems, such as unstable air pressure, air pollution, water or oil, which will stay on the surface of the vibrating plate, causing the feeding speed to slow down or not. The air supply must be clean and dry with separate regulators and filters. Do not use rigid tubes to reduce feed performance. A flexible hose should be used.
The controller frequency is incorrect (such as half-wave/full-wave selector switch)

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